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National Seminar 2019 on - Growth in 21st Century Indian Economy: Challenges Ahead
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National Seminar on "Growth in Twenty-first century Indian Economy: Challenges Ahead" 26th -27th September 2019, Sri Venkateswara College, University of Delhi

In the early part of the current century, triggered by the high tide of global liquidity, there was unprecedented growth in the economy in the 2003-08 period. Rising investment ratios, favourable and buoyant capital inflows from abroad as well as rising leverage ratios in the economy contributed to the same. The period was also witness to steep increases in the trade openness ratio and a highly buoyant services sector. In the immediate aftermath of the global financial crisis, even while it was argued that the economies of Asia, in particular, India, were least going to be affected (decoupling argument), the growth momentum went for a serious downside. The credit driven boom of the 2003-08 period was now coming to haunt the health of the larger financial system. In fact, the persisting problems in the financial system, and, the issues cropping up in the non-banking financial system, as of late, has to be seen in this larger context. The figures relating to unemployment released by the NSSO recently, the agrarian distress triggered by rising indebtedness and inequalities has been a matter of concern. Worst is the deflation trap from which the world economy has not been able to emerge out, threatening the very framework of multilateralism in the world economy.

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The National Seminar looks forward to having sessions which would try to address various issues of this genre, through keynote addresses, panel discussions as well as paper presentations by researchers. Even as we propose broad sub-themes as follows, researchers are encouraged to send papers even on related themes. (The list below should not be considered exhaustive).The organizers are in touch with publishers to bring out a selected set of papers presented.