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GOLDEN JUBILEE COMPUTER CENTRE (ICT) Inaugurated by Sri L.V. Subrahmanyam, IAS (Executive Officer T.T. Devasthanams) On Saturday, the 20th August, 2011

ICT Committee and Technical Staff

ICT Committee

  1. Dr. P. Hemalatha Reddy (Principal)
  2. Dr. Vartika Mathur, (Convenor)
  3. Dr. M. V. R. Prasada Rao (Committee Member)
  4. Dr. N. Latha (Committee Member)
  5. Dr. J. Lalita (Committee Member)
  6. Dr. Nitika Kaushal (Committee Member)
  7. Mr. Amit Kumar (Committee Member)
  8. Dr. P. Jayaraj (Committee Member)
  9. Dr. Joginder Kumar (Committee Member)
  10. Mr. Virendra Kumar (Administrative Officer)

Technical Staff

  1. Mr Naveen Choudhary (Senior Technical Assistant, Computer)
  2. Mr. Kuldeep Singh (Technical Assistant, Computer)
  3. Mr. Narendra Bhardwaj (MTS, Computer)